The Wilmington & Western is proud to offer the Parlor Car - the most recent addition to our fleet of rolling stock - as another way you can celebrate your next event on our rails! If you're interested in having a private party aboard the train and you have a medium-sized group, the Parlor Car is the perfect choice. The Parlor Car also serves as the buffet car for any charter with onboard dining, as the chairs can be removed and the buffet can be set up down the middle of the car.


  • Perfect for groups of 20-40 people
    Need something smaller? Consider renting a Birthday Caboose

  • Varnished wood interior

  • Brass lighting fixtures

  • Ceiling fans

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting

  • Comfortable seating


Prices listed below include all fares - there is no additional per-person ticket fare for Parlor Car rentals. Unlike the Birthday Caboose, the Parlor Car cannot be rented on its own as a private charter. The Parlor Car can only be rented when it's included on a regularly-scheduled train.


Parlor Car Rental on our festive Holiday Lights Express.


Parlor Car Rental as part of a regularly scheduled train to Mt. Cuba/Yorklyn, including the Yorklyn Limited and Halloween Express.


Parlor Car Rental as part of a regularly scheduled train to Hockessin, including the Hockessin Flyer.


Parlor Car Rental on one of our character-themed Special Event Trains, including the Princess Express and Santa Claus Express excursions.

The Parlor Car
The Parlor Car
The Parlor Car Interior
The Parlor Car Interior