When George T. Sargisson and Leroy J. Scheuerman joined founder Thomas C. Marshall Jr. in May 1960 to form Historic Red Clay Valley Inc., the Certificate of Incorporation included the phrase "to issue such publications relating to the Red Clay Creek Valley as the members deem fitting and proper". Dedicated to recently deceased HRCV founder Thomas C. Marshall Jr., and in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Wilmington & Western Rail Road Company in 1869, volunteer Robert Wilhelm has reworked these five monographs.

The limited number of original copies printed has resulted in these monographs becoming difficult to find for recent generations of local historians. Scanned from original mint-condition 5½" by 8½" copies borrowed from long time HRCV member John Iwasyk, the reissues feature 8½" by 11" letter-size pages and larger printing. As additional information and insight have been uncovered over more than 50 years, the original manuscripts are enhanced with letter-referenced footnotes pointing to additional appendix information.

As of August 2019, all five monographs are available here and are free to download and read electronically (document printing is disabled). Knowing many folks prefer reading high-quality paper copies, all five will be bound into a single 250-page volume and issued with a spiral binding (similar to the Historic Timeline). As the monographs were originally printed as black and white documents, the Monograph Collection is available in grayscale only.

The price for the printed Monograph Collection will be $45.
This is a pre-order sale ONLY.
Please call the HRCV Business Office at 302.998.1930 during normal business hours to place your order. Be sure to have your credit card information available when calling.
The number of pre-paid orders will determine how many copies are printed. The printed Monograph Collection will be available in late October 2019 and orders will be taken until September 30, 2019.

Copies will be mailed for an additional $8.00 to cover U.S. Postal Service delivery or you may pick up your copy at the Greenbank Station Gift Shop or the HRCV Business Office.

Two Mills on Red Clay Creek in the 19th Century

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140 Years Along Public Road
Ironworks On Red Clay Creek in the 19th Century
The Old Hollingsworth Plantation
The Story of the Wilmington and Western Railroad